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Dependency/Child Welfare

All aspects of DCF intervention and prevention

Experience in all levels of contact with the Department of Children and Families from first investigations to court cases licenses and appeals. Chris has handled more than 1000 cases involving DCF. Previously as counsel for DCF and a related agency and on behalf of parents, children, and family members for over 13 years. Immediate, aggressive representation in these cases can be the key to protecting your rights.

General Practice

Civil Matters. Business questions. Landlord /Tenant Disputes. HOA problems.

Whether the question is about the power of an HOA or the need to defend yourself from a civil suit Chris has the experience and connections to assist you. Having worked for a large development corporation, he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of homeowner's and landowner issues.

Family Law

Marriage, Dissolution, Child Support, Time-sharing.Adoption

These matters are never easy and must be handled with great care and effort to ensure that the client's needs are met, both legally and emotionally. It is important to work with clients and assist in achieving the 'right' result and not view every case from a win/loss perspective. Chris is one of the few local attorneys knowledgeable and skilled in adoptions, including private and familial.

Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Estate Planning, Simple Wills

While estate planning can be a somber topic it is also necessary to ensure your estate is protected and goals are accomplished. Chris handles each was with courtesy and tact, deeply understanding the importance of each client's wishes and needs. It  is important to seek representation that is responsive, caring, and open to your desires.

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